Important note: Due to a large backlog of current and pending client appointment requests, we are not accepting new clients until August 15th, 2018. Please check back after August 15th for appointments. Requests received before June 12th, 2018 at noon will be honoured. Any emails from new clients received after this date will not be answered or kept, you will have to email us again after August 15th. 

Please note that all treatment and training methods recommended by our consultants are based on positive training methods only. No aversive training methods such as shock collars, pinch collars or other negative reinforcement methods will be used.

Common Problems

Behavioral problems cover a wide array of issues including dog aggression, people aggression, inappropriate elimination, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, and resource guarding. Pacific Veterinary Behavior Consulting provides consultation services in these areas and more in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Consultations can be arranged within other areas of British Columbia, though additional fees will apply. Please contact us for specifics.

How to Get Started

Please email us to arrange an appointment. Consultations can take place either at your regular veterinarian, your home or at a training centre if your trainer is involved. Please check our service areas for more information. A different location may be chosen depending on the specific behaviors your animal is showing. We also offer long-distance services for clients outside of our service areas. We accept referrals from veterinarians and trainers but you are also free to contact us directly. 

What to Prepare

Once we have scheduled an appointment, we ask that you to fill out an online detailed behavioral history form. We request the online history be completed at least 7 days prior to your appointment. This allows us to do an extensive review of the history, in consultation with Dr. Martin, in preparation for the consultation appointment. Please also ensure that all family members involved in the care of your pet review the form before submission to get the most information possible. 

Please note that we do recommend recent blood work and a full examination by your regular veterinarian within 3-6 months prior to the behavioral consultation, this service cannot be provided by us. We also recommend that all previous medical files sent to us by email prior to the consultation.  The information from your veterinarian enables us to factor into our assessment any medical conditions your pet may have as well as helps us decide on what medications are appropriate for your pet, should they be needed. We can discuss the type of diagnostics recommended after we receive your history form. 

Prior to your consultation you will be required to fill out an online detailed behavioral history form. As we will perform an extensive review of the form, in consultation with Dr. Martin, in preparation for the consultation appointment we request the history be completed at least 7 days before your appointment with Dr. Richter. Please also ensure that all family members involved in the care of your pet review the form before submission.

What to Expect

At your appointment, Dr. Richter will assess your pet and discuss the reported behavioral problems in detail.  Once the assessment is complete, Dr. Richter will provide a behavioral diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan and discuss it with you. The treatment plan will include behavioral and environmental modification recommendations, educational material and training recommendations appropriate for the given diagnosis. Anxiety relieving medications may be prescribed to aid with behavior modification depending on your pet’s condition. This appointment will take approximately 1-2 hours.

After Your Session

Dr. Richter will call you 7 days after the appointment to check in and discuss progress made. An additional follow-up appointment will be made 4 weeks after the initial consultation to assess progress and adjust the treatment plan and medications as needed. Further follow-ups will depend on the progress your pet makes. Severe cases may need continued supervision for 2-3 months, but typically the next follow-up is scheduled for 6 months after the initial consult.

Follow-Up Care

 Positive reinforcement training and behavior consultation for your dog or cat with veterinarian Claudia Richter in Vancouver BC Canada.

Upon completion of your consultation, as well as after every follow-up appointment, your regular veterinarian will receive a copy of all treatment recommendations and progress reports. If you have a positive reinforcement trainer, a copy of all recommendations can be sent to them as well.

Please note that all our consultations focus on behavioral issues rather than general veterinary care. Please contact your regular veterinarian if there appears to be a medical problem with your pet. If a medical problem is recognized during a behavioral consultation, it will be referred to your regular veterinarian.


Please inquire for fees on our contact page. 

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